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The Zach Babat Memorial Art Scholarship Foundation, created in his memory, is a dream rekindled. Art as a way of life for students now and into the future, commemorating the life and legacy of Zach Babat.


The Foundation has  recently received a sizable financial grant that will enable it to significantly expand its activities. The foundation is a 501c not for profit organization. Its board of directors is lead by Kerry Pride and four other members.

The Foundation's main goal is to honor Zach's love of art and American wildlife by allowing others to pursue their own dreams of doing the same.   Zach would be thrilled!

The Foundation will award scholarships/grants annually to those pursuing wildlife art. 


Scholarship Updates

Initially, two High School Seniors were selected to receive a $500 scholarship during the Out West Art Show and Sale in Great Falls, MT,.


With the formation of the Zach Babat Memorial Foundation  the board of directors plan to greatly increase the size and number of the awards.

For more information regarding grants/scholarships please check back with us. 

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